The Ultimate Guide to Designing your Save the Date Cards
Apr 2020

Once you have decided the date of your wedding and booked the venue, you should turn your attention to your Save the Date! A save the date card is truly an important component of the wedding plan. It lets your loved ones knows to keep track of the day and be ready for the wedding. But if you are confused and don’t know how you can design one, let us help you. We will take you through some pointers, so you can design your save the date perfectly.

What should you include?

As an invitation to your wedding, your save the date cards should mention the name of you and your partner, important phone numbers, the date of the big day, and details about the location. You can also some extra comments about the wedding if you want.

What should you not include?

Anything that is not a concern of your guests, like the name of the bridesmaids, how many people are being invited, and any extra details, should not be part of the cards. In the same way, the information that you are not 100% sure about should never be included.

When should you send it?

It is important that you send your save the date early, so the guests can make time for the wedding. If you are planning a destination wedding, you should send them months prior to the big day, anywhere from 9 to 12 months. But if you are inviting only a bunch of people, then you may hand out the cards even two months before.

How should you design them?

It really comes down to your own preferences as to how your save the cards should look. But the rule of thumb is to make them simple and personalized. Sure, you can get creative with your save the date cards, but ensure to keep them cramp-free and neat. You can also take help from professionals like us to design your cards.


By keeping track of the aforementioned points, you can have the perfect save the cards designed and sent at the right time. Check out some templates at our store to inspire your own. Good luck!


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