The Ultimate Checklist for your Wedding Week
Mar 2020


Palakorn Bariboonsombud

The Ultimate Checklist for your Wedding Week

Excited for your big day? You sure must be. But a more important question is whether you are done with your wedding planning or not. After all, planning a dream wedding is no easy ride. It takes tons of energy and time to make sure everything is right. And this is why we have made the perfect checklist that you should follow one week before your wedding, ensuring everything is right in order. Let’s dig in:

Check in with your vendors

By this time, you must have booked vendors and suppliers already for your wedding, such as caterers, musicians, photographers, and videographers. With one week left, you should get in touch with them to see if everything is going according to the plan. In this way, if any of your vendors cannot provide services, you can book another one urgently.

Gather all the extra accessories for your wedding

Be it toasting glasses, flowers, welcome gifts, or last-minute wedding invitations, make sure to contact the relevant suppliers and get those things delivered to the venue or your house. This will avoid any hassle and make the remaining days stress-free.

Make sure your wedding dress fits perfectly

For both Bride and Groom, it is important to look their best, as it is the most significant day of their lives. Therefore, you cannot take risks with your wedding dress and accessories. Make sure everything is just how you wanted them to be.

Prepare the Itineraries of your wedding day

A schedule can set the difference between a smooth and disastrous wedding. This is why you should carefully plan the itinerary of your wedding day and present it to everyone who is looking at the arrangements. This will make sure everything is executed at the right time.

Write your vows

If you have decided to write your own vows, then you should start thinking about them early. In this way, you will be able to get sufficient time to write them perfectly and then, practice them. After all, your promises to your significant other mean a lot.


A week before the wedding is definitely exciting, stressful, and emotional. But with a checklist, you can ensure your wedding day is as flawless as you have always imagined. Good luck!


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