The Best Wedding Hacks to save the day
Apr 2020


Palakorn Bariboonsombud

The Best Wedding Hacks to save the day

Planning a wedding and then executing it is not an easy task. Plus, keeping track of every single detail, like weather conditions, the behavior of your grumpy uncle, and everything in between is a pain in the neck. But by planning a few things way ahead of your time, your wedding can be the coolest one in the family history. Here are some hacks to make your wedding a smooth ride.

1. Prepare for the weather surprises

You never know what mother nature will do next. But you can plan certain things to avoid unforeseen events. For example, if your venue is located in a region where it can rain anytime, make sure to have umbrellas big enough to cover the tables. Similarly, if it can get too hot, have fans and fresh drinks to keep you and your guests cool.

2. Help your guests find the venue

If you are marrying in the middle of a farm, for example, you can place nice little signs to help people find their ways. You can also send them the full address of the venue one day before the wedding in case they have misplaced their wedding invitations.

3. Keep your guest entertained

In between the wedding day, there can be tons of time for guests to do something else. During this time, entertainment can be a good idea to keep your guests engaged. You can search up more ideas on the internet or come up with your own.

4. Have your dance shoes with you

Dancing in your wedding shoes might be interesting but it is a simple formula to get free pain. Therefore, you should ensure to take some flip flops or other shoes at the venue to enjoy your wedding dance without any hassle.

5. Keep the bugs away

If you are planning for a wedding outdoors, bugs and mosquitoes can be a big problem. To keep them away from your food, use glass cloches. In fact, you should choose an adequate venue, so the little insects don’t become a party buster.


These wedding hacks will not only make your big day much easier but also memorable and fun. Cheers to your big day.


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