Get the right ‘Wedding Guest List’
May 2020


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Get the right ‘Wedding Guest List’

With wedding days approaching by, choosing the right wedding guest list is really an important as well as tedious task. It helps on deciding the number of wedding invites you should get printed and also the theme for your invite. In your lifetime you’ve met so many people, each at different phases of life. Each person you’ve come through in life, holds a different type of importance. Keeping in mind your budget as well as what type of wedding you plan to go for, it is quite important to categorize your wedding list. This sorts out the idea that you want a large, extravagant wedding or a small one with just close family & friends. Ask any couple and you’ll quickly learn that no one really enjoys creating their wedding list. This process can be extremely challenging especially when conflicting opinions enter the mix. At such special occasion it is quite understandable how you want to invite everyone but it is important to celebrate with such people who would genuinely be happy for you rather than who you just had to invite and have no personal connection with. It is completely fine to make a lot of drafts and then sort out to the most perfect one. Coming on to how you can come up with the right wedding guest list, keeping these few points in mind will surely prove to be very helpful.

First thing, and the most important is to take this short survey…


Main Question: Have you talked to this person within the last year?

It is important to sort out amongst people that you have to talked to within the last one year and ones whom you haven’t been in contact with since the past year. One may have been quite close to you in a phase of time but if you haven’t been in contact with he/she in the last year, then considering them close is something to think about, exceptions always exist!

Taking into account if you have talked to that person within the last year then question yourself if you spend time with them outside of work, if not eliminated from the list. If yes, think of a very basic question, ‘Is it someone you would normally buy dinner for?’ If you think no then cut them off the list, they don’t really matter. If yes, ask yourself will they really make your wedding more fun? No? Cut them off. Yes? Hooray! They are invited.


Taking into account if you haven’t talked to that person within the last, consider these. Do you have a close personal/ family connection with this person? If they are a friend, ask yourself if they know your partner’s name? If no, they are eliminated! If yes, will they make your wedding more fun? Yes? Hooray! They are invited. If this person is your family, question yourself ‘If they are someone your parents would want there?’ If no, they are surely eliminated. If yes, ‘Are your parents paying for the wedding?’ If yes, Hooray! They are invited. This will surely help you decide amongst most of the people.

Apart from this survey, here are some of the guidelines you should follow to streamline your process; these will help you save your valuable time during this hectic wedding – planning phase:

Whether or not your childhood friends should receive an invite?

It’s important to understand that you aren’t really obligated to include them. A key is, are you comfortable on having a dinner with them? If yes add them onto the A – list otherwise keep their name on the B – list. In this way if someone sends their regrets, you’ll be able to fill the seat with this person you have a history with.

How do you pick which relatives to invite?

Your immediate family is a wedding guest list no – brainer, as well as your uncle, aunts, first cousins and grandparents. But for more distant kin, a good rule of thumb is to either invite all of them or just none at all. It is not important that you treat both sides of family the same, decide upon your closeness.

Should you include your coworkers?

The same rule as previous should be followed here, include all from the department or include none at all. An exception would surely be a college that you socially see outside of the office, in that case that person is surely a true friend not only a person you enjoy ordering your lunch with.

Do you have to invite your boss?

Thinking on inviting your boss is really a tough deal, but honestly this only depends upon the type of event you are planning to throw. If it’s a destination wedding and is an extremely large affair, it’s important to invite your boss to stay away from any politics. If it’s just a family affair, no need to invite your boss.

Can you only invite specific children?

Deciding on choosing whose kids you want and whose not, is surely a tough idea. Just invite children of the immediate family members and leave out onto those who are from distant relatives. That’s also what makes sense, mostly children that are close are assigned the wedding duties such as niece or nephew!

Do you have to invite someone that had you at their wedding?

If your friends’ wedding list was recent and you are still close – and if your big day is on a similar scale as theirs, or is larger – they should already be on your guest list, but if your friendship has faded or if your wedding size is smaller it’s completely fine if they aren’t invited.

If they send a gift, do you have to invite them?

It’s completely fine if your wedding guest list is getting longer and it is not possible that you invite them, sending a gift was just a token of love. Join them later for a dinner, they’ll surely understand!

Following these steps and taking into account these guidelines will surely help you get the right wedding list without skipping any important person and you can assuredly proceed on with placing an order for the wedding invites…


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