Get the most perfect ‘Bridesmaids Proposal Boxes’
May 2020


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Get the most perfect ‘Bridesmaids Proposal Boxes’

You wedding is the time you make the people who are the closest to you feel special. Those who are there for you no matter what the situation is, let this occasion serve as an opportunity to appreciate their existence in your lives. With the crazy wedding shenanigans going on, a personalized bridesmaid’s proposal box is the most perfect way to put a smile on the faces of people who have been there for you through your thick & thin. A glance on this article and we promise you’ll get all the ideas you’ve been wondering on for your perfect bridesmaid’s proposal box.

Starting on with the box itself, choose a transparent high quality plastic box of about 4 feet by 4 feet. This size won’t to be heavy or big to carry at the same time would serve as the perfect size to fit in all the essentials you plan to. Embellishing the box with a pink and purple flavour or whatever colour suits your theme, would be a good idea. Add in a pearl string towards the bottom of the box right beneath the flowers, this would add in a touch of elegance. Towards the center get a personalized “Will you be my Bridesmaid” sticker printed in the colours & font that you loved since always. To finish off with decorating the top of your plastic box, towards the right add a picture of you with your friend, whom you plan on giving it to and let it be customized just for them.

Coming on to what to add inside the box, here’s a list of what you should add:

  • A badge – saying ‘Bridesmaids duties’
  • A personalized notebook
  • Personalized hangers – saying Bridesmaid
  • 2 Nail colours
  • Picture frame
  • Dry shampoo
  • Hand cream
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Stress – relieving coloring book
  • A 12 colours set
  • A small brush
  • A deodorant
  • Fruity Face Mask
  • An Eye Mask
  • Personalized scented candle

With having a list of all the items you should add in ‘Your Perfect Bridesmaid Proposal box’ let us explain you why each one is necessary:

  • A badge saying ‘Bridesmaids duties’:

Make your bridesmaid feel special every time she lays her eyes on this. Reminding her constantly of her place in your life as well as her responsibility, nothing would serve the purpose better! Let her flaunt it wherever she goes…


  • A personalized notebook:

A personalized notebook to jot down all the important agendas and list down the important things she needs to take care of, let this happen in a memorable way.


  • Personalized hangers:

Would could be a better idea than cute wooden hanger saying ‘Bridesmaid’ to help them remind of the days leading to the wedding. Amidst the hustle bustle going on, these would help your special ones cheer up. That’s all you want, don’t you?


  • 2 Nail Colours:

By this point we’re pretty sure you are well aware of your bridesmaid’s favourite colour. That’s all! Cheers, that’s what we want from you. Add in a nail colour of that shade and one of your favourite shade, all done! Hang on a badge with a wooden string, or whatever way you like it…


  • Picture Frame:

Find a picture of the fondest memory of you two, get it printed and frame it up. Relive that moment and laugh about it together once more before you say I do…


  • Dry Shampoo:

Get a badge saying, ‘Your Best friend’s wedding’ in the colours that suit your theme and paste it up on the dry shampoo. Nothing else is as essential as a dry shampoo in days when your best friend is struggling ticking off all the errands on the to – do list.


  • Hand Cream:

There’s no second opinion on the fact that girls always go in awe when they see hand creams. Be it a fruity scent or a flowery one, add in according to what your bridesmaid loves.


  • Hand Sanitizer:

Being having to be worried about the safety of your loved ones is surely a questionable thing. While going to the various vendors while fixing up all the things for the main day, staying free from germs should also be the utmost priority. Choose their favourite scent and match up with colour them and order away the selected hand sanitizers. Finish off with adding a batch saying ‘Your Best friend’s wedding’ and add into the box.


  • Stress – relieving coloring book:

According to the latest researches coming up, it is said coloring reduces stress & anxiety. Keeping in mind how days leading to the wedding can be very stressful yet emotional, all you need to add in the box is an anti stress coloring book. When home after a long day of running errands all your friend needs is a coloring book that will help her relax, as coloring has an ability to relax the fear center of your brain, the amygdala. It induces the same state as meditating by reducing the thoughts of a restless mind. What are you thinking than, add in now?


  • A 12 colours set:

You surely don’t need your bridesmaids to be worrying about the essentials, apart from the wedding stress, needed to get onto coloring, therefore a box of 12 colours is a perfect add – on to the proposal box! Set it up with a customized badge to make it even more special.


  • A small brush:

Tangled hair is an all – time issue for girls; thus a handy brush is always a good idea.


  • A deodorant:

Deodorant is always a must have in the bag, personalize it and let the bridesmaid add this essential in their bags. They’ll surely have you on their minds all the time.


  • Fruity Face Mask:

Amidst the wedding shenanigans and emotional days, skin care is always a must as everyone wants to look their best on the big day. A good skin is an essential in this cause. Order away their favourites and add into the box. A cute note will make it even more special.


  • Scented Candle:

Scented candles are always a good idea, it’s a good stress relieve as well as helps you unwind from the busy routine. Lavender or coffee scent, each has its own properties. Order their favourite ones and customize them with, ‘Your Best friend’s wedding’ tag!

With this we come towards the end of the essentials you need to add into the box, add these or just switch with what you think would be a better choice. This is just not a box rather something that would strengthen the bond with your loved one. Make a separate box for ‘Maid of Honor’ and let her feel even more special if you want! Add in a wedding invite and all done.


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