Burst the stress bubbles: 5 ways to stay relaxed before your wedding
Apr 2020

A wedding is a rollercoaster of emotions. Anxiety, stress, excitement, and sadness can all make ways for your mood. And with only a few weeks left, your stress level can be over-the-top. This is why we are here to help. Below, we will take you through some amazing tips to de-stress you and make your wedding week free from hassle.

1. Have a schedule in hand

One of the most common ways by which everything can go wrong is a poor itinerary. Not only does a wedding itinerary helps in tracking every activity, but it also allows you to have room for errors. As soon as your wedding gets near, make sure to formulate a thorough wedding itinerary and share it with everyone involved in the wedding.

2. Make sure everything fits

You need to look your best on the wedding day, so you absolutely cannot take risks with your dress, shoes, and accessories. Before your wedding week, make sure that everything for your big day is in accordance with your needs to avoid any last-minute tantrums.

3. Send necessary items to your wedding venue early

From table numbers and candles to guest favors and card boxes, make sure to drop off necessary items to the venue early. In the hassle of your big day, there are greater chances of missing something important at home.

4. Ask help from your loved ones

Despite how big of a multi-tasker you are, it might not be possible to do everything by yourself. Instead, you should ask your friends and family to help you out in time-consuming projects, like dealing with vendors, sending invitation cards, or completing the DIY projects.

5. Believe in yourself

Trusting yourself and your partner is a rule of thumb. You are planning everything for months. Now is the time to take care of yourself, so you can enjoy your wedding as well. Make sure to take out time for yourself amidst all the preparations.


Stress definitely makes everything overwhelming. But with a little planning before time, you can avoid the hassle efficiently. Good luck.


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