9 tips to keep the stress away on your wedding day
May 2020


Palakorn Bariboonsombud

9 tips to keep the stress away on your wedding day

Getting married? Congratulations! Have you prepared everything and ready for the final show? A much heartier congratulations. But do you feel anxious about the big day? And think everything is going to be ruined? Nothing to worry about. Whether you are thinking that the vendors won’t be there on time, your favorite Aunt Jo won’t be able to make it, or worst, the venue will somehow disappear, you need to maintain your cool. And this is why we have complied some result-driven tips that will help you stay calm and easy on your wedding day. After all, it’s your big day. Instead of being all frazzling, it should be memorable and soothing.

Here are some ways to burst the bubble of stress on your wedding day.

1. Accept that it’s normal to feel anxious

Normal to feel anxious

Let’s face it. Feeling stress is normal. No matter how much energy you’ve invested in planning for your wedding, you are bound to feel anxiety and stress. There will be so many things on stake. But the fact is the wedding marks the start of a new journey. So instead of fighting off the stress, you should first accept that it’s okay to feel a little cranky. Then, you should focus on all the good aspects of the wedding, so you can rebuild your confidence.

2. Make sure everything is ready

Ready to move

Once you have cleared your head, you should do last minute check-ups to ensure everything is right in place. This should be done at least a week before. Make sure that all the vendors are available and can meet their commitments, so in case if there are any issues with anyone of them not showing up, you can arrange for replacements. Check on your dress and if it fits you properly. See if all the wedding invitations have been received. And don’t forget the rings. In this way, you won’t be hassling on the last day.

3. Follow a schedule


Yes, you need to have a schedule even for the wedding day. From when you are going to arrive at the wedding venue to the time everyone will be on the dance floor, it is necessary to have a wedding itinerary. In this way, every part of the wedding could be executed at the right time. You can discuss the schedule with your spouse. You should also discuss it with your wedding planner if you have hired any. Once it is ready, you should hand it out to your family members, vendors, and any other individual looking over the wedding. This will foster coordination and a stress-free day.

4. Do not hesitate from taking help

takeing help

Even if you are a multi-tasker, you should not resist any sort of help. If you can afford one, you should definitely hire a wedding planner or a wedding-day coordinator to take care of everything on the big day. But even without one, you can still ask for help from friends and family members. From dealing with the vendors to ensuring the guests are comfortable, let your loved ones deal with the responsibilities on the day. With someone trustworthy on your side, you won’t have to worry about things getting messed up.

5. Say goodbye to negative thoughts

bye negative thoughts

If you think that somehow you are not going to live up to the expectations on the wedding day, you need to get rid of such thoughts. By preparing for everything beforehand and forecasting how things will go, you can be free from any negative speculations. If you have prepared your vows, practice them. If you are doing something special for your spouse, ensure you know how to execute it. Plus, have a firm belief in yourself and your partner.

6. Focus on yourself

Focus on yourself

While preparing for the wedding, many people tend to forget about themselves. Especially one day before the wedding day, you shouldn’t be running from here and there. It is good to ensure that the last-minute preparations are going well, but as we said before you should try taking help from the loved ones. In this way, you can have a complete day of preparation for yourself. This will make sure that the next day you wake up, you are more excited than nervous.

7. Take breaks

Take breaks

The wedding day is not all about saying vows and exchanging rings. It will be a long day. So instead of running and exhausting yourself form the morning until night, you should take breaks whenever you can. For example, before walking on the aisle, give yourself some time to mentally get ready. As soon as the reception is over, do not get lost in the hassle of mingling. Instead, take a few moments to let everything sink. Accordingly, you will be ready to overcome the adrenaline rush and enjoy the rest of the wedding.

8. Let it go

Let it go

Another thing that you’ll need to accept is that mistakes can happen. Things can go wrong, no matter how much you have prepared for everything. Amid tension on your big day, you should let minor things go away. Not only will you feel relaxed, but your guests will also be at ease. By ignoring things, you will also be able to prevent any other calamities from arising, like disagreements, arguments, or bad moods.

9. Stick with your partner

Stick with your partner

In the end, you should always remember that your partner would be there with you. With the love of your life on the side, you shouldn’t worry about things going wrong, as long as the day is memorable. Even if things get sidelined a little bit, you too can have something to laugh upon after the wedding. In this regard, make sure that you and your partner is satisfied and relaxed, making many memories to cherish forever.

The Final Takeaway

Finally, make sure to step back from the hassle and take a deep breath if the tension starts to rise up. This will give you the headspace to take control and make decisions that can put everything in place. A wedding day, after all, should be exciting and memorable. If you have certain habits that can lower your stress, like yoga or writing your feelings down, make sure to do it. Good luck!


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