5 Best Wedding Invitations Ideas to Inspire your Own
Apr 2020


Palakorn Bariboonsombud

5 Best Wedding Invitations Ideas to Inspire your Own

Invitations are known for setting the tone of your wedding. Creative invitations can not only elevate the interests of your guests but also make your wedding more memorable and personal. There are endless ways of designing your invitation ideas and below you will find our top 5 picks for this season. Let’s check them out.

1. Match the colors with your wedding theme

Because why not? If you have a specific wedding theme, then you can incorporate them into your wedding invitations as well. You can also go for block colors with warm shades to give your invitations a modern style.

2. Use a Ribbon

By adding a ribbon in your invitation cards, you can make them more gorgeous and elegant. A ribbon is also an easy way to keep everything in your card together. You can further add a little tag with the ribbon for a little extra touch of glamour.

3. Make use of illustrations

Illustrated wedding cards are becoming increasingly popular as they are very appealing and attractive. Illustrations allow your cards to be more interactive and colorful. Plus, you can also have the pictures of you and your partner illustrated on the card as well. How good does it sound?

4. Go vintage

Vintage invitation cards are loved by all. With simple colors, elegant write-ups, and lots of aesthetics, a vintage theme can add warmth in your invitation cards. Such invitations also stand out from the modern ones.

5. Do more in less

Often times, invitation cards come with huge chunks of information for no purpose. This takes away the beauty of a simple invitation. Therefore, make sure to have fewer invitation wordings, so your cards don’t look cramped and messy.


All of these ideas can help you inspire your very own invitation card for the big day. But you can also get invitation cards from professionals like us. Check out our website to see some of the most amazing templates for your invitations.


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