4 Wedding Mistakes you should avoid at all costs
Apr 2020


Palakorn Bariboonsombud

4 Wedding Mistakes you should avoid at all costs

We all think about the things that we will like to see at our wedding. But how often do we wonder about the things that we don’t want at our wedding? After all, it is important to think about both successes and failures that can occur on the big day, so everything can be planned accordingly. This is why below we will take you through 4 common wedding mistakes that you should prevent from occurring at all costs. Here’s how you can make your wedding perfect:

1.Not making the guest list at the right time

In the rush of excitements, too often couple tends to forget making their guest list at the start. And without having the right number in mind, they book their venues and order for invitation cards. But before all of these things can be done, the right idea of how many guests will be there at your wedding can help you plan everything properly. The last thing you want is half of your guests outside the venue because of no space.

2.Sending the invitation cards in the wrong manner

As everything is so fast-paced today, you cannot expect to send an invitation card one week before and then, everyone to come to your wedding. Most people have to clear their schedules and make time to join you on the big day. This is why make sure to send your invitation cards at least a month before.

3.Getting too much creative

We don’t mean to say that creativity isn’t something you should at your wedding. Sure, creativity is nice but it should be reflected in an adequate manner. Wedding pictures on the internet can set an unrealistic standard of how your wedding should be. Instead of getting overwhelmed, you should focus on what you and your partner need and design everything accordingly.

4.Micromanaging everything

When it’s about your big day, it is understandable to be picky and concerned about everything. But the rule of thumb is to let your vendors do their jobs. You must have hired professionals who will make sure everything is perfect. Ensure to manage and coordinate them, but don’t pick on everything.


By making sure to avoid these mistakes, your wedding can surely be the most enjoyable day of your life. In the end, have a constructive plan in your hand and collaborate with your partner on everything.


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