10 useful tips to have a dream wedding
May 2020


Palakorn Bariboonsombud

10 useful tips to have a dream wedding

Getting engaged may seem like a fairy tale but getting married to the love of your life is a completely different story. It could be the most memorable day of your life, provided that you and your partner have taken care of the wedding planning perfectly. The planning phase at a wedding is definitely the toughest. It takes weeks of brainstorming, discussion, decision-making, and even tantrums to have everything set in place. After all, you can’t pull off the wedding of your fantasy in one day. Where it can be full of excitement, it can also be stressful. Yet, with our vital tips, you can have a dream wedding just in the way you want. So let’s dig in.

Here are the ten most crucial tips that can make your wedding day a big success.

1. Communicate with your partner

Communicate couple

To start your preparations right on the track, communication with your better half is the key. No matter how much you know about each other’s preferences, a discussion before planning anything can ensure you both are clear on what you and your partner expect. This will bring both of you on the same page and have a wedding that is perfect for both of you. Communication will also allow you to collaborate with each other and share duties.

2. Be realistic in planning

wedding planning

Often times, the aesthetic and beautiful wedding pictures on Pinterest seem very appealing. But what you see on the internet shouldn’t let you deviate from what you can and can’t do. This means that you should always focus on the things that you can execute at the wedding. For example, if a destination wedding isn’t something feasible, then you drop the idea, despite how much appealing the Bahamas is. This will prevent any unorthodox expectations and eventually, grieve if you are unable to fulfill them.

3. Get ahead of time

Get ahead of time

The fact is it’s never too early. In other words, as soon as you decide the date, you should get down to the business. Be it booking a venue, choosing vendors, deciding the food menu, or sending wedding invitations to the guest, it can take months to do everything efficiently. Then, there should always be room for errors and delays. Accordingly, make sure to leave nothing for the very end.

4. Make efforts to decide a budget

wedding budget

Just as time is precious, your money matters too. Most couples fail to pull off a good wedding, let alone a great one when they cannot afford to have basic necessities in their wedding because they spent the money on other things. Imagine not getting the right dress because the wedding venue was too expensive. Having a dream wedding means everything is according to your likings. And this doesn’t mean you should get everything you want. With a budget, you can keep track of your expenses, avoid buying unnecessary stuff and make cuts extra costs.

5. Evaluate your options

Evaluate your options

With planning, comes a very important task – execution. Once you have outlined your expectations, budget, and time frame, you need to put everything in action. For this, it is important to do your research and see what you can get that fits both your needs and budget. When choosing your vendors, wedding venue, and other amenities, make sure to thoroughly decide who can best conduct the job in a cost-effective way. With a comparison of the prices and quality of services, you can hire the right people.

6. Ask the right questions

right questions

If you are aiming for perfection at your wedding, you shouldn’t hesitate from asking the right questions from the people who’ll invest their skills on the big day. When evaluating your options, be it concerning the venue, food caterers, wedding photographer, or the dresses, you should ask about everything you want to know about the services without getting the vendors overwhelmed. This will ensure that you are investing your money in trustworthy hands.

7. Deal with the big things well in advance

well in advance

Although all the aspects of your wedding are vital, few things require extra attention months before. This includes your wedding list for sure. Before you can decide how large your wedding venue will be or how many wedding invitations you’ll be getting designed, making a guest list will help you to align all the planning with the number of your guests. On the other hand, some vendors require appointments and booking months before. So make sure to deal with the big things first.

8. Don’t look at what others are doing

Don’t look at what others are doing

It can be tempting to see a friend getting lavishly married in a huge banquet with a plethora of guests, services, and facilities. But if your friend can do it, doesn’t mean you have to do it. Every couple has different preferences, which makes them different from others. By solely focusing on you and your partner’s needs, you can have a wedding that is unique to you. So instead of seeing what others are doing, focus on what you and your partner want to do.

9. Have a break

Have a break

Yes, it can be tempting to prepare for your wedding hurriedly. But preparation shouldn’t cause exhaustion and tantrums. In the midst of the wedding preparation, do not hesitate from taking breaks and putting a stop on responsibilities. You can do this by leaving gaps for breaks in your schedule. You can either spend quality time with your loved ones or have some time off for your own well-being. It will help you to relax and continue preparations with a clear mind.

10. Get help

Get help

Finally, ask your loved ones to share the responsibilities of the wedding with you. Be it your parents, siblings, or close friends, additional help can not only take care of extra responsibilities but also bring creativity on the table. Many family members also pool money in the budget, which can help you cover extra costs. On the other hand, you can also hire an event planner if you can afford one and get everything professionally done.

In the end

A wedding is undoubtedly a memorable day that embarks a new journey. A dream wedding is the wish of many couples and by taking necessary steps, you too can have one. Follow our tips and you’ll be able to pull off an exceptional wedding.


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